STOPit SafeScreen Health Reporting System

SafeScreen COVID-19 Health Reporting System

Screen individuals for COVID-19 BEFORE they enter your school or organization

WHAT is it?

STOPit SafeScreen is a HIPAA-compliant health reporting system that screens, identifies, and stops possible exposed or symptomatic individuals BEFORE they enter your school, workplace, or organization. When combined with other defenses such as masks, hand-washing, testing and social distancing, STOPit SafeScreen will help you minimize the spread and infection of this devastating virus to your students, employees, and customers.

HOW does it work?

STOPit SafeScreen is web-based application designed for ANY internet connected device or smartphone in order to ensure access by all and maintain the highest security standards on all data collected. Here is how it works:

1. Administrator Registration and Set-up (one-time step): Administrators of the program register themselves and set permissions for their organization – typically takes 5-10 minutes. Additionally, administrators manually (small orgs only) or bulk upload locations, student, employee, or guest/member information – typically takes 20-45 minutes depending on manual versus bulk upload.

2. User Registration (one-time step):. Parents/guardians/caretakers of student 17 years old or younger, college/university students, employees, guests/members (collectively called users) receive a system-generated alert (via email or text) to register to use the program. Users complete contact information, username and password – typically takes less than 60 seconds to complete.

3. User Alert and Screen: Users receive a system-generated alert (via email or text) to take their health screener (timing of alerts set by you). The individual clicks through the link, signs-in, and takes the screener. User is instantly is informed if s/he can or cannot enter the building, receives a date-stamped, color-coded “Entry Pass” with expiration time to enter building (parents can have the system send a pass to their child when they register), mode of transportation (bus) or event. Typically this step takes less than 20 seconds to complete.

4. Administrator Alert and Check-In: Administrators receive screener results within real-time data dashboard – with instant-alerts sent via email and text if an at-risk individual has been identified. The administrator would contact the at-risk individual to assess and instruct on next steps to address the risk and determine when the individual can re-enter. Separately, administrators or others assigned can “check-in” users by viewing their entry pass or looking the individual up using the real-time data dashboard. 

5. Data and Reports: Administrators have access to real-time data dashboard and reports for org-wide or individual assessment. Our reports cut the data by location, symptoms, absentee type, user type (eg student versus staff), etc.

Onboarding & Training

STOPit provides onboarding and training for program administrators AND self-directed training/videos for students and adults on how to register and use SafeScreen. Depending on the size of your organization, average time from onboarding to launch is 1-7 days.

We also support you with on-boarding specialist and our certified 24/7 Customer Success Team.

WHAT will be the impact of this program?

When combined with other defenses such as masks, hand-washing, testing, social distancing, AND if an individual is displaying symptoms and answers the screener correctly, you could intervene on up to 100% of cases. However, we caution that no solution can detect and screen out every individual given that in many cases individuals are carrying the virus without knowing.

HOW do I get more information or simply get started?

If you would want more information / demo or want to get started, please click below and one of our sales specialists will contact you shortly.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Taking temperature with a digital oral thermometer is more accurate than infrared or thermal device
  • Prevents virus spread BEFORE others are exposed at your school, workplace, or organization location
  • Data is managed using a HIPAA-compliant cloud server and not mixed with personnel files
  • At-home or virtual screening protects and preserves employee privacy and dignity

This is very difficult to quantify as individuals may be carrying the virus and do not show symptoms, however, if an individual is displaying symptoms and answers the screener correctly, we could intervene on up to 100% of cases.

STOPit Solutions products have a history of zero breaches and utilization of industry leading security and privacy standards. All data collected is instantly and securely stored in the cloud using industry-leading security and compliance offerings.

Data collected is owned and managed by the school, workplace, or organization. Additionally, the Stopit SafeScreen program is HIPAA compliant – meaning employee all data collected has both administrative and technical safeguards to protect against inappropriate access and disclosures. When data is shared, it will be “de-identified” and primarily be for an individual location or group of locations. No individual name or any identifier will be shared publicly unless needed by the school, workplace or organization to meet federal, state, or local laws/policy – for example, if tracing or other means is needed to be used to contain the spread of the virus and/or protect others.  

As per our contract … individual registration information can NOT be shared with others or used by the school, workplace or organization for any marketing, promotion, or sale to external entities. 

STOPit SafeScreen has upload contact feature for product setup, turn-key training with 24/7 customer support, absentee feature for those working from home or absent for other reasons, 2-way chat feature for easy, built-in mass communication / alert feature, ability to upload documents, multiple level setup, parent for child registration and use,  documented 2-way dialog with a user, HIPAA compliant system, leadership in safety and wellness technology in schools, workplaces, and organizations … not just any app company throwing out a concept.

As data is collected, administrative leaders (centrally or location-based) get real-time results and trends – with “Do Not Enter” result alerts being instantly texted or emailed so admins can begin assessment and reporting of the individual – for example, if the individual shows symptoms, they would discuss symptoms, steps to take based on those symptoms/your policies, and steps needed to be completed to be cleared to enter via STOPit SafeScreen 2-way chat feature or via phone call with the individual.

Schools, workplaces, and organizations can begin to use the WebApp in minutes. They simply register their organization, setup permission levels for administrative users, setup locations where students, employees, and/or guests will attempt access, upload end users (students, employees, members, etc.) where applicable, and set when they would like the screener alert to be sent and survey questions completed. STOPit is THE expert in onboarding and training allowing us to walk you easily and seamlessly through this process (versus throwing it over the fence for you to figure it out).

Separate app, separate platform. The STOPit SafeScreen was created on a separate HIPAA compliant platform that is web-based to ensure we maximized individual access and security of data collected.


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