STOPit Insurance Solution

STOPit Insurance Solution
With STOPit, your insureds can stop reacting to issues and start preventing them.
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STOPit Insurance Solution

Claims for preventable behavior-based liability issues have become increasingly pervasive and costly. With STOPit, your insureds can stop reacting to issues and start preventing them.

Members utilizing the STOPit platform are effective at reducing risk because their insured individuals are empowered to step forward and report issues safely. STOPit is completely anonymous and aligns with the way people communicate today, on a mobile app, on the web, on the phone, and in person. With STOPit, your insureds will stop dealing with the fallout of escalated issues and start addressing them early, before they result in a claim or litigation. In addition, the STOPit Resource Center provides your insureds with the tools and resources they need to address reported issues, and the Incident Monitoring Service provides your members 24/7 monitoring of reported incidents by trained staff.

Key to the STOPit Insurance Solution, our Insurance partners receive data and insight about patterns and trends across their insurance members. Understand behavior, stop issues before they become claims, and gain insight into where there are opportunities for risk mitigation resources.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce claims
  • Drive member/customer acquisition and retention
  • Deter bad behavior
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Facilitate compliance for your members/customers
  • Gain valuable data about reported behavior

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