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STOPit Solutions is a Safety & Wellness technology company that partners with ESAs nationwide. We provide the tools, technology, and training to identify, assist, and intervene with students who may be at risk of hurting themselves or others.

Our grant experts partner to help you fund safety and wellness initiatives.

  • ESAs can receive up to $1,000,000

We do all the work for you – from grant registration to full implementation and long-term program sustainability.

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STOPit Wellness & Safety Programs and Funding

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STOPit offers six Safety & Wellness Programs that provide the training and technology to help educate staff and students on how to identify, intervene and get assistance for students who may be struggling with their own mental health or be at-risk of hurting others. Our programs:
  • Anonymous Reporting System
  • SEL & Wellness Training Center
  • School Network & Device Surveillance System
  • Threat Assessment & Intervention
  • Threat Assessment Guided Case Management
  • 911 Direct Alert System
There are three key sources of 2021 funding: The American Rescue Plan, Stop School Violence Act and COPS School Violence Prevention Program. STOPit has an expert team to manage the entire process from registration to final approval – to date we have sourced $7+ Million serving 580 districts nationwide.
Deadlines depend on the program chosen. Generally speaking it will be by mid-May to impact this and the next school-year. Funding will be distributed between April and October 2021. We can help identify and manage the entire funding process for you.

STOPit is the choice of over 6,000 organizations and 4 million+ students and staff for its leading safety & wellness programs. Our programs have helped stop thousands of suicides, self-harm, and school shooting threats along with many other behavioral concerns.

STOPit also has the experience to get your school what it needs – with over $7 Million in federal funding sourced for 580 districts nationwide.

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