Federal Funding Partnership Program

STOPit Federal Funding Partnership Program
for Student Safety and Wellness

Help to Understand and Access Your Funding Options

Multiple Federal programs exist to pay for Safety and Wellness programs for K-12 students and staff.

Many schools, state organizations and ESAs miss out on these funds because the application process consumes time and resources.

That’s why STOPit created our Federal Funding Partnership Program. We help:

  • Select the right STOPit Program to fit your safety & wellness  needs
  • Manage the funding  process – registration to application to award
  • Deliver, train and sustain the programs to your students and staff

Which Safety and Wellness program funding options are right for you?

STOP School Violence GrantCOPS School Violence Prevention ProgramAmerica Rescue Plan (Biden Act)CRRSA (CARES Act 2)Title IVa Funding
Eligible GroupK12 Schools, State Organizations, ESAsK12 SchoolsK12 Schools, State OrganizationsK12 Schools, State OrganizationsK12 Schools, State Organizations
STOPit Anonymous Reporting System
Panic Alert System
Network and Device Surveillance System
Threat Assessment & Intervention Training
Threat Assessment & Guided Case Management System
K12 SEL & Wellness Training Center
SafeScreen Health Reporting System

Ready to find out more about our anonymous reporting tools & 24/7 monitoring services?